About O’Connor Legal Services!

We offer some of the best Law services in the entire region and service specifically the entire Miami-Dade County and Monroe County. Our services cover a wide range of areas such as family law, criminal defense, personal injury, labor law, and probate.

Our team of lawyers and attorneys is here to provide you with the best legal advice and help possible regardless of your personal circumstances. Our fees are reasonable and affordable so that everyone can get access to quality legal services without spending too much.The experience and the skills we have accumulated over the years is invaluable and you can trust us to find the right solutions and answers for all your problems or questions within our areas of expertise.


We have won numerous awards in the past few years but our greatest accomplishment has been to effectively help hundreds of people out of bad situations and assist them to navigate the law and the justice system in Florida.

Whether you have been involved in an accident, got too many speeding tickets, are going through a divorce, or need help with business law or health law, we are always ready to help and to listen to your side of the story.