For all your criminal defense related issues, we can take the matter into our own hands and do the work necessary to deal efficiently with any problem you are encountering or have encountered.

These are the most frequent type of cases we handle:
– Felonies
– Misdemeanor
– Tickets

Our team of professional attorneys is specialized in Florida criminal law and can assist you with DUI defense, injunction cases, and any other cases. We will fight on your behalf to preserve your dignity, your rights, and your reputation.

Keeping the prosecutors and the government at bay is our work and we do it well. We will be your voice and represent you in any court, federal, state or even juvenile. Felonies or misdemeanors, we are used to dealing with both, even the most serious and complex charges.

Domestic violence, drugs, online crime, sex crime, white collar crimes…we have seen a lot of different things during our career and we are ready to help you sort out any criminal offense matter.