Issues between employers and employees are frequent and we are also able to handle Labor Law cases.

Here is an overview of the matters we frequently deal with:
– Overtime
– Unpaid Wages
– Discrimination
– Immigration

In all these situations, we have a card to play depending on the complexity of the case and the claims of each side. We are to advise, guide, and represent our clients no matter how bad the circumstances are.

Our primary focus is to deal with employment-related matters, especially issues related to contracts. All your employment disputes will be handled in a professional way by our team of experienced lawyers.

Unpaid or unfairly compensated overtime is another one of our strengths. We can also intervene on your behalf in case of sexual harassment, wrongful termination or employer retaliation.

Like many Americans, you may spend more time at work than anywhere else which is why you need an attorney with solid skills to represent you